Teapotguru wants to be a place where people get together in real life and virtually.

We aim to discuss, talk, exchange anything that relates to the wonderful world of tea drinking.

We carefully source and taste lotf of different types of teas, pu’erh, oolong, white teas, aged teas, tiguaying and many more. Once we find some that have a special taste, we arrange to share it with our community and we give them the option to easily buy it online on our website at great prices.

In order to brew tea you need great tepots and that’s why we are always on the look out for wonderful Yixing teapots made of purple clay, duan ni clay, zisha. These artcrafts are beautiful to look at as well, it could be a house ornament.

Finally we provide access to a range of tea accessories, some tea travel sets for example so people can enjoy tea on the move. We will keep on adding new items to our website. We will also add accessories which we think could be beneficial for your health and well being as we are Feng Shui practisioner as well.

Welcome to join in.

The Teapotguru Team

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