Fortune Hotan Jade Tower Bracelet


Brand: Jin Yu Cui Fu.

Product name: Hotan jade tower bracelet.

Material: 18K gold, Hotan jade, Rubies, Diamonds.

Main stone: Hotan jade.

Weight of jade: 2.5 g.

Size of jade: 8 x 8 x 5 mm.

Chain length: (adjustable).

Note: due to the particularity of the product, there is a slight error in the manual measurement, and the picture taken by natural light is slightly different from the real object. Please refer to the actual product.

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Hotan jade

is one of the four famous jade in China. Warm and delicate, as if fat, oil run clean. Hotan jade is used to describe the fine moral character of a gentleman and is often used as a token of affection among lovers. The inlaid design makes the 18-karat gold and jade tower look one integrated whole. Natural diamonds, high-quality Ruby. The perfect cut, concise atmosphere, the collocation of two colors reveals a unique style, noble temperament.
People made devout wishes under the tower and the tower returned its best wishes. With the power of the tower and the charm of jade, the deepest wishes are condensed. May each of your wishes come true.

Brand story:
Jin Yu Cui Fu, formerly known as “Yu Fu Tang”, was created in the 13th year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty (1887). It was originally designed as a tribute for the Royal Family and then inherited from generation to generation due to its unique cultural and creative design concept. Now after a hundred years, heritage five generations.
Beijing Jinyucuifu Jewelry co. LTD is a jewelry enterprise specializing in jade jewelry and jade carvings such as jade and Hotan jade, which integrates jade procurement, product design, production, customization, and cultural creativity inheritance.

Instructions before purchase:
Dear customers,
Thanks to fate, let us no matter how far apart, can trust, each other. Please read the following Suggestions carefully before purchasing.
First of all, the natural treasure of heaven and earth has given by nature, such as I like you, can not be perfect; Immaculate, either sky-high prices or fake. For the spirit of the world, you and I need to maintain a tolerant heart. Read its good, also want to let it leisure. Of course, we will spare no effort to achieve perfection.
The second point, before the purchase, dear friends must see the size of the stain, must not be subjective assumptions, imagine how big or how small it is, with the size of their own comparison, in case after receiving and the expectation is not.
Thirdly, as for taking photos, the color and luster of natural jewelry will be different with the change of light and Angle, whether dark or bright or thick or light. We will try our best to present them as they really are. Please be considerate when you receive them. Thank you for your continued support. We will try to do better.

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Weight 2.5 g


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