2016 Excellent Organic Shoumei White Tea

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  • Date of Production: 2016.
  • Place of Origin: Fuding China
  • Weight: 300 g.
  • Shelf Life: cool, dry, odor-free environment, drink within 15 years

Organic Shoumei White Tea

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2016 Excellent Organic Shoumei White Tea

Shoumei White Tea is one of the six kinds of tea in China. Produced in Fujian, the traditional craft is almost natural. Due to the technology of withering and drying, the original content of tea remains abundant.

Good Chinese tea, from a good geographical environment, this collection of many years old Shoumei, produced in the geographical environment of the superior Fuding Taimu mountains range, the territory of the ups and downs, dense forest perennial clouds and clouds, beautiful mountains and waters, four seasons like spring. Good mountains and good water make good tea. Years of natural transformation, when this old Shoumei brewing, the tea soup emitting refreshing jujube honey rhyme, natural mellow, as in the original forest, smelling the smell of the forest, the mood of natural leisure.

Tea leaves have naturally turned black and brown over the years. The color of tea soup apricot yellow bright boiled drink a reddish-brown. There is a natural fragrance of Chen Xiang Hao Xiang, tea gas-rich. Taste alcohol, back gan and lasting, good bubble – resistant soup crystal bright, orange-yellow color, warm jade, fresh and refreshing taste.

Fuding Semi-black: White Tea with a Twist (Source: https://www.teaguardian.com/quality-varieties/tea-varieties/fuding-semi-black-white/)

A new tea difficult to name

This is a new tea variety produced by combining the processing methods of White Peony and gongfu black tea, though the rolling and “fermentation” is much reduced. One producer who makes this refers to it using the name of a mass-market white tea, the so-called “New Technique White Tea” 新工藝白茶, which is basically a machine processed and harsher tasting version of White Peony, otherwise known as Shoumei, the popular dim sum restaurant tea.

But it is not that. For one thing, it is a lot more expensive because of the pluck quality and labor that are required. It tastes a lot finer.

One calls it Baihao Oolong 白毫烏龍, which is known also as White Hair Oolong, Bingfeng Oolong, Champagne Oolong, Oriental Beauty, Dongfang Meiren, etc, the famous Taiwan export that once was appointed by the British monarch in the late 19th century. But it is not that either, although, by the manner of fermentation processing, they are very similar. The Taiwan version, basically not an oolong in the true tea definition, is more like a black tea, although not totally. The tea cultivar is very different.


Fuding Semi-Black White has all the taste characters of Fuding White Peony in addition to the fruity aroma and floral sweetness of a Bailin Gongfu Black, although not as prominent. This renders a lot more body and tastes dynamic, rather like a cocktail.

I’d say it is light and lively like a white peony, smooth and quite round, and fruity and floral like a Minhong Gongfu, though not so full-body, deep and substantial. It should serve well as a casual and daily tea.

The tea is flexible like other white teas and can be infused well at around 90°C.

How to make the Organic Shoumei White Tea?
1. Put tea: according to the size of the teapot, take 5-10 g tea put into the container.
2. Put water: pure water, boil to 100° water temperature into the teapot;
3. Wake up tea/wash tea: soak the tea about 5-10 seconds and pour away the water you put for the first time.
4. Drink tea: put in hot water again, adjust the concentration according to personal preference, after about seven times until you feel the loss of tea flavor can be replaced with new tea repeat the above process.

2016 Organic Shoumei White Tea in details:

  • Date of production: 2016.
  • Place of origin: Fuding
  • Weight: 300 g.
  • Shelf life: cool, dry, odor-free environment suitable for long-term storage, and drink within 15 years

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Weight 300 g

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  1. Nicholas

    I have tasted this tea in one of my trips to China in 2013. It was excellent. Are you selling it by the “cake” as in the photo or in bulk?

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