Easy Durable Ethereal Tea Steeper (1 set)

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Ethereal Tea Steeper/infuser.

  • Diameter: 14 cm.
  • Height: 16.5 cm.
  • Capacity: 750 ml.
  • Raw materials: Glass and high-temperature resistant plastic.
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Ethereal Tea Steeper, Convenient Simple durable lightweight Infuser (1 set)

Infuser steeper set, filter as one, with one simple operation you can prepare and drink your favorite tea. The utility tool can separate the tea leaves from the tea infusion and automatically filter the tea, improving the shortcoming of the bitter taste of the tea which has been steeped for too long.

You can see the result immediately. It’s easier to control the tea consistency. You can make tea and drink it at the same time, no need to use other tea-making tools. This steeper helps you save tea as well. The same amount of tea leaves can produce twice as much tea as a traditional teapot. This set is suitable for multi-business hospitality purposes, and it can also entertain more than ten friends. Easy and lightweight to carry during your travel.


Name: Simple Ethereal Tea Steeper.
Diameter: 14 cm.
Height: 16.5 cm.
Capacity: 750 ml.
Raw Materials: Glass and high-temperature resistant plastic.

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Tea steeper only, Tea steeper + 6 tea cups

2 reviews for Easy Durable Ethereal Tea Steeper (1 set)

  1. Barbara Mc Finneth

    This set looks really fancy. Does it come with the 6 little cups? As it is not written in the description.

  2. Olga Patrinovka

    The description says this set is made of hard plastic. Do you carry any glass type of set with the cups as this one so that I can choose from? It is awesome. Can you ship to Russia? Slow speed I don’t mind.

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