Gaiwan Travel Tea Set (4 Cups)


This Tea Set contains:

  • 1 Ceramic Golden Lid Bowl (Gaiwan),
  • 1 Glass Tea Dispenser,
  • 4 Ceramic Teacups (Gaiwan),
  • 1 Bamboo Tea Tray with plastic,
  • 1 Travel Tea Case.

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Gaiwan Travel Tea Set (4 Cups)

The cover is heaven, the support is earth, and the bowl is the human, which implies the harmony between heaven and earth. It is also referred to as a Qi Liu Hai hairstyle in the folk bowl because the bangs of this hairstyle are just like the bowl that covers the head.

To brew the tea, flush the Golden Vine Lid bowl with hot boiling water, then put the tea in the water and cover it with the lid. During the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty, the use of Gaiwan was prevalent. The bowl used to brew tea leaves, which was used to brew jasmine tea and Tieguanyin in the past. It can be used for drinking after making tea, or one set for drinking tea directly as a teacup.

The Golden Vine Lid bowl materials are porcelain, purple sand, glass. Most of the porcelain bowls are of various colors. Making tea with this Golden Vine Lid bowl is simple, easy to learn. The Golden Vine Lid Bowl is non-absorbent, fast thermal conductivity, practical, elegant, and beautiful.

Gaiwan (Source:

Gaiwan (盖碗) is a Chinese teacup with a lid that is used for making tea. Because of its functionality, elegant simplicity, and ease of handling, the Gaiwan is a universal tool in the preparation of tea.


Prior to the gaiwan, a bowl such as a Chawan was the most common form of consuming tea.
Prior to the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), tea was normally consumed from the vessel in which it was prepared. As described by the tea master Lu Yu, this special bowl had to be large enough to accommodate the implements and actions of tea brewing, though compact enough to be held comfortably in the hands for consumption.

The term for this versatile piece of equipment was Chawan (茶碗; lit. “tea bowl”). It was during the Ming Dynasty that the innovations in both tea ritual and tea preparation gave rise to the gaiwan. The gaiwan of today are generally smaller and more leaves are used in brewing.


Gaiwan with open lid
The gaiwan is considered by many tea connoisseurs to be the preferred method for brewing teas with delicate flavors and aromas, such as green tea and white tea, although without the lid in these cases. The versatility of the gaiwan is also noted in the preparation of oolong infusions because of this particular tea’s ability to be infused multiple times, but the gaiwan is suitable for any type of tea.

The gaiwan is important in tea tasting due to its open and glazed surfaces: the former allows the tea to be viewed while brewing, and the latter prevents altering of the flavor and aroma of the tea during brewing. The gaiwan consists of a saucer, bowl, and lid. The lid allows the tea to be infused right in the bowl and either be drunk right from the bowl (traditionally using the lid to block the leaves for ease of consumption) or decanted into another container.

The gaiwan itself can be made from a variety of materials, including porcelain and glass. Gaiwans made from Yixing clay or jade are particularly prized by collectors of tea paraphernalia.

Gaiwan is the preferred method for brewing green and white teas as the Gaiwan’s porcelain absorbs the heat and does not damage the tea. Gaiwans are less suitable for black teas as the large lid allows heat to escape too quickly during the steeping process. They are especially common in the north of China for enjoying scented teas like jasmine tea.


Usually, all three parts are held at once with both hands. The saucer is held with the fingers of the right hand while the thumb rests on the edge of the bowl. The left hand then holds the lid, which is used to brush away the tea leaves before drinking. It can take some practice to do this, as the liquid tends to be hot.”


  • Lid bowl: Length 10.3cm, Width 10.3cm, Height 9.6cm, Capacity 200ml.
  • Raw material: Ceramics.
  • Tea Dispenser: Length 8.6cm, Width: 8.6cm, Height: 9.2cm, Capacity 230ml.
  • Raw Material: Glass.
  • Teacups: Length 6.2cm, Width 6.2cm, Height 4.6cm, Capacity 50ml.
  • Raw Material: Ceramics.
  • Tea Tray: Length 20.3cm, Width 20.3cm, Height 2.5cm.
  • Raw Material: Bamboo With Plastic.
  • Tea Case: Length 23.6cm, Width 23.6cm, Height 12cm.

When using the Golden Vine Lid bowl as a teapot, just open the lid and put the tea leaves into the bowl, then pour hot water and close the lid. The way to pour tea in a bowl is to tilt the lid, leaving a gap large enough to let out water. Hold the lid with your thumb and middle finger, and quickly tilt the bowl at a 45-degree angle to pour the tea out.

We suggest you take your time and check the selection of teas that we think best match the type of travel tea set you just looked at.

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Dimensions 23.6 × 23.6 × 12 cm


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