Excellent Travel Tea Set With Case Boccaro Ware (2 Teacups)

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This Travel Tea Set With Case includes:

  • 1 Teapot.
  • 1 Caddy.
  • 1 Tray.
  • 2 Teacups.

The Travel Tea Set With Case (2 Teacups) is suitable for a Business Trip.

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Travel Tea Set With Case Boccaro Ware (2 Teacups)

Boccaro Ware is a kind of ceramic product between pottery and porcelain. It is characterized by dense structure, close to porcelain, high strength, fine grain fracture in shell or stone shape, but it does not have the translucency of porcelain.

The texture of Yixing purple sand ware has this characteristic, and in the smooth surface of the ware, there are small granular changes, showing a sandy effect. This Travel Tea Set With Case includes a Boccaro Ware Teapot, a Boccaro Ware Caddy, a Bamboo Tray, and 2 Boccaro Ware Teacups. The Travel Tea Set With Case is easy to clean and store, you don’t have to worry about breaking your tea set when you go out.

A simple and fashionable style is suitable for traveling or a business trip. It can meet the demand for drinking tea anytime and anywhere without carrying too many scattered tools. Both fashion and practicality.

Bulletin Of Pennsylvania Museum, April 1911 Ninth Year Number 34 (Source https://archive.org/stream/jstor-3793608/3793608_djvu.txt)

SO-CALLED RED PORCELAIN, OR BOCCARO WARE OF THE CHINESE, AND ITS IMITATIONS. “The fine-grained stoneware of the Chinese potters, known by the Portuguese as Boccaro Ware, was first produced in the Ming Dynasty, at Yi-Hsinghsien, near Shanghai, province of Kiangnan. It varies in color from a deep rich red to a brown or chocolate tint and occasionally runs into a buff, the deep red, however, predominating. This ware is usually decorated with relief designs, or occasionally with enamel colors. The reliefs appear to have been engraved in the mold and not applied. If they have been molded separately, the marks of application have been so carefully removed as to defy detection. The pieces of this ware are usually very carefully potted and are of simple and elegant form, the paste being sO’ fine-textured, homogeneous, and hard that it cannot be marked with a steel point. Sometimes the decorations contain panels with backgrounds of impressed diaper work. The Chinese Boccaro Ware was extensively reproduced by certain European potters during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.”

Boccaro Ware (Source: https://chinahighlightstravel.blogspot.com/2009/04/boccaro-ware.html)

“Yixing, Jiangsu Province, known in China as the “Pottery Metropolis”, produces a much-valued Red Ware or Boccaro Ware. Teapots of this category made there were appraised as the best vessel there was, already in the Song Dynasty a thousand years ago. Yixing earthenware is generally marked by simplicity and exquisite craftsmanship; it is also appreciated for its practical utility. The material, called Zisha (purple sand), is abundantly available in the locality. Although not as white or as fine as kaolin, it needs no glazing and, after firing, the product is solid and impermeable, yet porous enough to “breathe”.

A Yixing teapot enhances the tea brewed in it in respect of color, perfume, and taste. Its walls seem to absorb the tea and keep its fragrance.

Travel Tea Set With Case Boccaro Ware (2 Teacups) Details:

  • Teapot: Length: 12.3 cm, Width: 7.8 cm, Height: 7 cm, Capacity: 160 cc, The raw materials: Boccaro Ware.
  • Tea cup: Length: 5.4 cm, Width: 5.4 cm, Height: 3.2 cm, Capacity: 30 cc, The raw materials: Boccaro Ware.
  • Tea caddy: Length: 6.8 cm, Width: 6.8 cm, Height: 9 cm, Capacity: 50 g, The raw materials: Boccaro Ware.
  • Tea Tray: Length: 18 cm, Width: 13 cm, The raw materials: Bamboo.

Travel Tea Set With Case Boccaro Ware (2 Teacups).

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  1. Michael Jackson

    I have been looking for a travel tea set for a long time. I have purchased one 2 weeks ago at a local store, but they had only one and I gave it as a gift to a friend. This tea set you have here is very close to the one I bought before and in my opinion even more pretty. I hope to receive it quickly.

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