Unique Handcrafted Bu Bu Gao Sheng Teapot 210cc.

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  • Length: 13.5cm.
  • Width: 8cm.
  • Height: 10cm.
  • Weight: 179.6 g.
  • Capacity: 210cc.
  • Raw Material: YiXing Jiangponi Clay.
  • Author: Wang Xizhen.

Bu Bu Gao Sheng Teapot


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Bu Bu Gao Sheng Teapot

Bu Bu Gao Sheng means to climb step by step. In ancient China, rising up the ranks was often used to describe a rising position in the workplace or officialdom, expressing hope for continuous progress in the future.

The overall line of the Bu Bu Gao Sheng Teapot is smooth, which is made of unique falling slope mud. The Jiangponi clay is a kind of rare mud material, which is loved by people because of its unique orange-red color and yellow starspots. Jiangponi clay material is decreasing year by year,

Jiangponi’s clay teapots are sought after by many collectors who want to buy pots. The shape of this teapot is good, full pot, from the hands of senior arts and crafts master Wang Xizhen, its artistic value is inestimable.

Jiangponi Clay (Source: https://www.mudandleaves.com/teatime-blog/jiangponi-the-newest-member-of-the-yixing-clay-family)

Discovered by accident while building a road between two mountains, both Yixing mines, this is a paragenetic ore called Jiangponi (meaning ‘downhill clay’), formed from a combination of minerals found in Hongni, Zini, and Duanni a good choice for the indecisive.

The intersection of these different ores offers differing combinations of each, though even all together, this is a rarer material than other Yixing ores. The processing of the clay leaves one ore speckling a blended color, depending on the exact mixture and firing temperature.

The Rainbow Clay

Jiangponi appears in a range of colors from yellow-brown to red-brown-purple. The color of the Jiangponi depends on the percentage of each kind of clay in the ore. The ore found closer to Huanglong Mountain has a higher percentage of Hongni and the finished clay is redder than the clay that comes from an ore found further away.

This kind of Jiangponi is sometimes referred to as “Jiangpo Hongni” and is the preferred type of Jiangponi. Jiangponi that is closer to Qinglong mountain has a higher percentage of duanni, is sandier, is harder to fire successfully, and is considered to be of lower quality.

Jiangponi is fired at temperatures slightly higher than Hongni, at between 1150-1200C. The shrink rate of the clay during firing is around 12%.

The mixture of Hongni and Zini is visible in the red-purple/brown color of the teapot. The sandy duanni appears as small flecks on the clay, like stars at night. This is one of the more beautiful and identifiable elements of the clay.

Brewing Tea with Jiangponi

Jiangponi is quite permeable. From our own experience, we find it is very suitable for puer, black tea, and high-fired oolongs such as Yancha. It is very good for muting some of the astringency, smoke, and other unpleasant flavors.

We have also found Jiangponi to be a very easy clay to season and one of the fastest to show results. After only about a month of regular use, the clay will develop a nice subtle shine.

Bu Bu Gao Sheng Teapot Details:

  • Length: 13.5cm.
  • Width: 8cm.
  • Height: 10cm.
  • Weight: 179.6 g.
  • Capacity: 210cc.
  • Raw Material: Yixing Jiangponi Clay.
  • Author: Wang Xizhen (Senior arts and crafts artist).


You can drink tea from any container you want, but when you invest in a really terrific tea, you want to maximize your experience of it. This Handcrafted Unique Bu Bu Gao Sheng Teapot is suitable for any kind of red or black teas. Choose yours from our Tea selections. https://www.teapotguru.com/product-category/tea/

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Weight 179.6 g
Dimensions 13.5 × 8 × 10 cm

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  1. Francise

    Cette théière a l’air fantastique. Vous n’en avez qu’un? Je voudrais acheter plusieurs théières comme cadeaux pour mes proches.

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