Jingzhou Stone Gourd Ladle teapot 230cc

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Jingzhou Stone Gourd Ladle Teapot

Length: 13.5 cm, Width: 5 cm, Height: 6.5 cm, Capacity: 230 cc, The raw materials: YiXing Qing Shui clay, The author: Fang Yan Ling (Craft Artist)

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Jingzhou Stone Gourd Ladle teapot

Jingzhou stone ladle pot is a Yixing teapot: as the name implies, it is made after the stone ladle of Gu Jingzhou. The body of the pot is a trapezoid, with soft and smooth curves and a simple and honest shape. Foot for nail foot is triangular-shaped support, give a person with light and steady sense. The shape of eight characters of the pot body creates a shaped surface in the main visual Angle. The handle is an inverted triangle, which is complementary to the shape of the body, forming a harmonious aesthetic effect. The flat pressure cover, the bridge knob, clean, the proportion is appropriate, fully reflects the XiuQiao Seiko for the characteristics.
Double-sided carving of pot body. One side for the magpie plum. Meaning good luck. One side for Shi LinMing hand “if the town with trouble, willing to clean the skirt” means to use the way of slowly brewing tea to ease the restless mood.

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Dimensions 13.5 × 5 × 6.5 cm

1 review for Jingzhou Stone Gourd Ladle teapot 230cc

  1. Michael Jackson

    I think I have seen this teapot a while ago in a store right here in Los Angeles. When will this teapot be available to buy?

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