Classic Yixing Teapot 120cc

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The Classic Yixing Teapot

Length: 10.5 cm, Width: 3.7 cm, Height: 8.2 cm, Capacity: 120 cc, The raw materials: Yixing Da Hong Pao clay, The author: Fang Yan Ling (Craft artist)

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The Classic Yixing Teapot

its shape for the umbrella cover, the cover top has a pearl button, short neck, its gradually rich into a drooping round belly, short circle foot, curved flow, crank, shaped like a pear from the name. Pear-type POTS were first seen in the yuan dynasty and were popular in the Ming dynasty.
The whole teapot is exquisite and unique with full body and smooth water, suitable for drinking alone or sharing a cup of unique tea with close friends.
This teapot is made of da hong pao clay with bright colors, but its production process is complicated. Due to the special mud material, the shrinkage rate is large and the yield is low in the firing process, so each pot is hard-won.

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Dimensions 10.5 × 3.7 × 8.2 cm

1 review for Classic Yixing Teapot 120cc

  1. Luca

    This teapot is really fantastic. I have a similar teapot someone gave me as gift. I wonder if it is a legit Yixing. If I send you the photos, can you check for me please? Thanks

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