Top Grade Excellent Longjing Tea (1 Green Box)

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  • Tea Weight: 375g.
  • Date of Production: 2020.
  • Shelf Life: 1 year.
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang.

This Top Grade Longjing Tea Includes a Green Box and a Porcelain Jar

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Top Grade Excellent Longjing Tea (1 Green Box)

Longjing tea, also known as  Long Jing Tea, Xihu Longjing, Dragon Well Green Tea, is one of the most famous traditional Chinese green teas. Longjing tea with its unique quality charm, exquisite production technology, and “green, fragrant, sweet, beautiful” the “four must” reputation around the world. Longjing tea contains more amino acids, chlorophyll, vitamin C, and other ingredients than other teas. It is rich in nutrients. It has the functions of promoting body fluid, relieving thirst, stimulating the mind, eliminating food and diuresis, eliminating boredom, eliminating inflammation, and detoxification.

Longjing is a classic representation of wok-roasted green tea. Some say it is the ultimate green tea. Because of its fame and popularity, there is quite a range of fine producers each making what they think is the best Longjing. Since the taste of green tea relies heavily on the quality of the leaves, which is quite strongly related to the growing environment, the physical location of these producers become a significant marker of the quality of the raw material.

However, it is important for the reader to understand that there are huge quality differences amongst various parts of the same farm and also amongst farms within even the same reputable region. There are literally hundreds of Longjing producers just within the Xihu area. Besides the usual consideration of horticultural quality, tea-making mastery, harvesting season, quality management, natural grading, etc, there is also the issue of mislabeling. As a result, the claim of any origin has to be verified against the taste. Better productions from different locations tend to boast how theirs are better in taste and appearance than the others.

Although various locations around the Xihu (West Lake) region in Hangzhou has been renowned for tea production since the 8th century, the present way of Longjing making might have come about only after the 15th century, a century prior to the first relevant description of the present kind of Longjing. Its fame escalated when the popular Qing emperor, Qian Long, kept it for his royal use in the 17th century.

Renowned original production locations:
Shi-Feng (Lion Peak), Meijiawu, Yangmei Ling, Wengjia Shan, and Jiuxi, all in the Hangzhou area, traditionally referred to as Xihu Longjing (or West Lake Longjing). There is a government-assigned labeling system for authentic ones from Xihu, much like an equivalence of the French AOC for wines and cheeses (note). However, judge any buy by the taste, not just the label.

Present-day production locations:
Most tea areas in the northern half of Zhejiang province.


This Zhejiang Longjing is flat and smooth in shape, with sharp-pointed seedlings, buds longer than leaves, tender green color, and no hair on the body surface. The infusion is bright.

How To make the Longjing tea:
Prepare a clear glass (about 200 ml in this case). Pour some 75-80 °C hot water into the glass and put about 5 grams of Longjing tea into the glass. The tea leaves stretch out in the cup, and the water in the Cup becomes tawny and strong enough to drink.

Prepare a clear glass (about 200ml in this case), first fill the glass with one-third of the hot water at 75-80 °C, then put about 5 grams of Longjing tea into the glass, wait for the tea leaves to stretch, then fill with hot water. You can drink it!

Prepare the Porcelain Lid Bowl, wash the LID bowl with hot water once, add some Longjing tea. Add 10 ML of hot water at 75-80 °C. Take the covered bowl, slowly shake to moisten the tea leaves, then add nine parts of hot water. Wait 5-10 seconds to pour the tea into a tea dispenser or cup.

Storage method:

Please store the Dragon Well in a dry, odor-free environment. Avoid direct sunlight. To keep the tea from crushing.



  • Box size Length 40cm, Width 22.7cm, Height 10cm.
  • Porcelain Jar Size Length 41cm, Width 25cm, Height 11cm.
  • Tea Weight 375g.
  • Box Weight 1.5 kg.
  • Date of Production 2020
  • Shelf life 1 year.
  • Place of Origin Zhejiang


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Weight 1500 g
Dimensions 40 × 22.7 × 10 cm

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    Does it come with this nice green packaging box?

    • Marco B.

      Hi Christine, yes sure and also a porcelain jar

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