2007 Authentic Fuding White Peony Tea

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  • Date of Production: 2007.
  • Place of origin: Fuding.
  • Weight: 300 g.
  • Shelf Life: cool, dry, odor-free environment, drink within 15 years.
Fuding White Peony Tea

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2007 Authentic Fuding White Peony Tea

The Fuding White Peony Tea is made of the buds and leaves of Fuding tea tree without stir-frying or kneading. It is made with the simplest technology. The shape of the buds is complete, the color of the soup is clear apricot yellow, and the taste is light, sweet, and refreshing.
White Tea can be preserved for a long time and become more precious as the years go by. After the transformation of time’s precipitation, the tea leaves become more mature and the thick tea rhyme will also highlight the strong aroma of peonies and jujube after many years, and it can also maintain a strong sweet and medicinal aroma, which is worth preserving for a long time.

White peony is a kind of white tea. Fresh leaves of white tea were harvested from Fuding, Fujian province. One bud, one or two tender tips were used as raw materials and then processed by traditional white tea workers
Made by art. The tea has a beautiful shape and a fresh and mellow taste. It is a kind of leisure tea. The tea soup is smooth, the tooth cheek Sheng Jin, the fragrance is long. The liquor color apricot yellow limpid, the flower fragrance, the mill fragrance appears completely, the pure sweet has restored the white peony the original flavor.

White Peony, Real White Tea (Source: https://www.teaguardian.com/quality-varieties/tea-varieties/white-peony-white-tea/)

Bai Mudan (bái mǔ•dān) aka White Peony is a literal translation from the tea’s Chinese name, Bai Mudan. Tea traders have often used flower names for their pleasant associations. The tea’s form, a leaf with a light color downy leaf-bud, was quite unique when it first appeared in the 1870s. Peonies were (and still are) flowers of the wealthy in China — maybe that’s why the name is borrowed to label the tea.


Like Silver Needles, this white tea was initially produced in the northeastern part of Fujian Province, in areas ranging from Zhenghe to Fuding for the export market in Southeast Asia. Today, other regions, including some outside of China, are trying to imitate the production. The origins still reign for the best quality and tastes.

Tasting notes

The aroma is fresh, mellow, floral with a note of cut hay and a malt undertone. Infused properly, it is an easy tasting tea that is fresh, slightly sweet, with medium body and yet light enough for all-day consumption. The Fuding (fú•dǐng) variety, which normally is a very low fermentation style, tastes brighter and the Zhenghe (zhèng•hé) variety, which is more fermented, is comparatively sharper and deeper, giving a much fuller body.

Better quality White Peony is one of the easiest teas to infuse. It is difficult to make a cup that is too strong unless you really go at it. It is a good choice for casual daily use and for tea beginners. The price of even the finest ones in this variety is a fraction of that of similar grades in renowned greens or oolongs.

How to make white tea?
Put tea: according to the size of the teapot, take 5-10g tea put into the container;
(2) Put water: pure water, boil to 100° water temperature into the teapot;
(3) Wake up tea/wash tea: soak the tea about 5-10 seconds and pour away the water you put for the first time.
(4) Drink tea: put in hot water again, adjust the concentration according to personal preference, after about seven times until you feel the loss of tea flavor can be replaced with new tea repeat the above process.

Fuding White Peony Tea Details:

  • Date of Production: 2007.
  • Place of Origin: Fuding.
  • Weight: 300 g.
  • Shelf Life: cool, dry, odor-free environment suitable for long-term storage, and drink within 15 years.


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Weight 300 g

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  1. John Oliver

    I happened to read good info about this tea. I I will give it a try. Glad I found it at good price on your website.

  2. Tracy Yu

    I have searched and tried many cakes of this tea, both online and in-store locally in my city, however, yours is just the best. Its body and flavor are amazing. Love it. Thanks.

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