2007 Excellent Yunnan Qizi Pu’er Tea

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  • Date of production: 2007.
  • Place of origin: Yunnan.
  • Weight: 200 g.
  • Shelf Life: Cool, Dry, Odor-Free Environment, Drink Within 15 Years
QiZi Pu’Er Tea

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2007 Yunnan Qizi Pu’er Tea

Pu’er tea is mainly produced in Xishuangbanna, Lincang, Pu’er, and other areas in the Yunnan Province of China. Pu-er tea pays attention to brewing skills and drinking art, and its drinking methods are rich. It can be drunk both in a clear way and in a mixed way. Pu’er tea soup thick orange-yellow, sharp and lasting aroma, unique flavor, taste rich, durable.

Yunnan Qizi Pu’er tea has many functions, such as lowering blood fat, reducing weight, inhibiting bacteria and helping digestion, warming the stomach, producing saliva, quenching thirst, sober up, and detoxifying. It can clear the stomach, digestion, and phlegm, relieve fever, diuretic cold, cough phlegm, reduce blood fat, and cholesterol.
This tea raw material selection Menghai tea area natural arbor spring tea.
After ten years of storage in the dry warehouse, the tea’s gas and lasting flavor have shown itself. The tea has a pleasant aroma and a thick taste. The infusion is smooth.

Qizi bing cha and Pu’er as a drinkable antique

While Qizi bing cha was the official name, it also became synonymous with any round flat Pu’er tea cake. Other similar names circulated: Qiziyuan (literally: ‘seven son’s round’), Qizibing (literally: ‘seven son’s cake’), and Yuan cha (literally: ‘round tea’). In fact, numerous luxury items were sent as tribute to the Qing emperors. These included exquisite porcelain from the kilns of Jingdezhen in Jiangxi province. Teas, and in particular Pu’er tea, became increasingly popular among the imperial family. Part of tea’s attraction was that it was grown and harvested far away among the ancient growth forests of southwestern Yunnan. From so far away, tea caravans needed a year and a half to arrive in Beijing.

Because of its ability to improve with age, Pu’er tea became known as a ‘drinkable antique.’ According to the official Qing annals of 1659, Pu’er tea was the tea of choice of the imperial family during the bitter northern winters. The imperial court also presented tea cakes as gifts to visiting foreign envoys and dignitaries from as far away as England and Russia.

References: ‘Huihuangde Pu’er Gongcha’ (‘Glorious Tea Tribute: Pu’er’) in Zhongguo Pu’er Cha Baike Quanshu (An Encyclopedia of Pu’er Tea in China), Yunnan: Yunnan chuban jituan gongsi, 2011: 282-285.

Check also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pu%27er_tea

“The flavor and health benefits of Pu’er tea are related in part to its content of polyphenolic anti-oxidant molecules. In particular, theaflavin which is particular to highly-oxidized black teas such as Pu’er, and has a complex 3D self-stabilizing structure that raises its radical scavenging ability.

How to make Qizi Pu’er tea?

  1. Put tea: according to the size of the teapot, take 5-10g tea put into the container.
  2. Put water: pure water, boil to 100° water temperature into the teapot.
  3. Wake up tea/wash tea: soak the tea leaves for about 5-10 seconds and pour away the water you put for the first time.
  4. Drink tea: put hot water again, according to personal preferences to adjust the concentration, the first seven times quickly poured out tea to drink, after more than seven times need to wait ten seconds more, until the feeling of losing the tea taste can be replaced with a new tea repeat the process above.


Qizi Pu’er Tea Details:

  • Date of production: 2007.
  • Place of origin: Yunnan.
  • Weight: 200 g.
  • Shelf life: cool, dry, odor-free environment suitable for long-term storage, and drink within 15 years


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Weight 200 g

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