One of the characteristics of purple clay pots is to “store aroma, send out heat”, long-term use can absorb tea, more oil can run luster. Some people say that the longer the more valuable the Purple Clay Pot, that is the truth.

Here are 8 tips to help take care of your Red Clay Pot:

  1. Do not use any detergent or any chemical agent to soak and Wash the Purple Clay Pot, so it will wash off tea, but also make Purple Clay Pot Appearance Lose Luster.
  2. After each use, clean all the tea leaves in the teapot, pour hot water or remaining hot tea over the teapot evenly, and drain the outside water with a clean cloth.
  3. After making tea, the Purple Clay Pot should be kept dry.
  4. Clean the teapot immediately after use. Don’t always soak water in the teapot. Don’t wait for the next day or longer to clean the teapot
  5. After use, the LID can be put on the side so that the teapot and the LID can be dried.
  6. Remember to put in the place of ventilation, not recommended in the stuffy dry place, do not feel that the Purple Clay Pot is very precious, after each use on the package or sealed up.
  7. Do not place in a place where there is much oil smoke or dust.
  8. It is generally recommended that a teapot brew only one kind of tea, or the same kind of tea. For example, Puer Tea Kettles are not recommended for white tea. Because the Purple Clay Pot has the ability to absorb the fragrance of the tea, the fragrance of different tea is different, can cause the aroma inside the teapot complex, the color of the teapot will become uneven over time.

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